We live in Cluj, in the heart of Transylvania, and we believe in the power of silence as much as we believe in the power of words, sound, and pictures.

We enjoy producing films, staging plays, writing books, and getting involved in mostly anything that relates to performance and the arts. We are independent and we don't mind walking alternative paths or exploring unknown realms. It wasn't our choice to be different from the mainstream; it was the choice of the difference to look over our group in silence.


  • 2018.07.30

    Walling, Boundaries and Liminality

    Walling, Boundaries and Liminality: A Political Anthropology of Transformations
    Projection Routledge, London

  • 2018.05.29

    Nussbaum 95736 | TIFF

    Nussbaum 95736 will be screened at the Transilvania International Film Festival in Cluj, Romania
    Projection hosted by Casa TIFF

  • 2018.05.27

    Nussbaum 95736 | Jewish Motifs International Film Festival

    Nussbaum 95736 will be screened at the Jewish Motifs International Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland (Q&A after the screening)

  • 2018.05.24

    Nussbaum 95736 | Savaria Film Festival

    Nussbaum 95736 featured in documentary section of the Savaria Film Festival in Szombathely, Hungary

  • 2018.02.26

    Experiencing Multiple Realities | Routledge, London

    Experiencing Multiple Realities: Alfred Schutz's Sociology of the Finite Provinces of Meaning published by Routledge

  • 2017.12.07

    Nussbaum 95736 | Berlin Flash Film Festival

    Nussbaum 95736 is monthly category winner for November 2017 at the Berlin Flash Film Festival

  • 2017.12.07

    Nussbaum 95736 | Near Nazareth Festival

    Nussbaum 95736 has been selected as a finalist at the Near Nazareth Festival

  • 2017.11.04

    Nussbaum 95736 | HIIDA

    Update from Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards: Nussbaum 95736 wins Award of Recognition, October 2017 Edition. Looking forward to HIIDA Event on March 24, 2018

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László Csibi

Cinematographer, editor and director

Csibi was born in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Transylvania, Romania. He is a cinematographer, editor and director, known for Édes Erdély, itt voltunk (2015), Kós Károly (2013) and A kastély árnyékában / În umbra castelului (2012). Studied filmmaking at Babeș Bolyai University in Cluj. He has been working for several years in television production. His documentary works are often based on his academic research related to the history and culture of Transylvania.

Marius Bența

Broadcasting journalist, sociologist and writer

Marius is a broadcasting journalist, sociologist, and writer. He is the author of a book of drama and two books of interviews, and his research monograph Experiencing multiple realities: Alfred Schutz’s sociology of the finite provinces of meaning is forthcoming with Routledge in 2018. Marius teaches Journalism with the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj


Walling, Boundaries and Liminality (2018)

Social Sciences

Experiencing Multiple Realities (2018)

Social Sciences

Nussbaum 95736 (2017)


Sweet Transylvania, We Were Here (2015)


Kós Károly (2013)

Documentary, Short

In the Shadow of the Castle (2012)

Documentary, Short

The story you can tell is not the true story (2010)

Three plays